Nepal Owl Festival 2019 celebrated in Jalapa, Khotang

Nepal Owl Festival (1-2 Feb, 2019) celebrated with huge success!

The success was due to the combined effort of many individuals and organizations. Efforts by Ward number 12 office of Diktel Rupakot Majuwagadhi Municipality led by Mr. Bikash Rai deserves special mention, so does the exemplary support from staffs and students from Jalapa and Jyoti Secondary Schools.

Volunteers from various parts of Nepal who single mindedly worked towards making this festival a success, colleagues from Friends of Nature who did all the background works, students from IOF Pokhara, individual researchers, conservation organisations, disciplined spectators/visitors and interest from media personnel made this an amazingly successful festival. Locals have told us that this was one of the best programs ever in the district which will only encourage us in the coming days.

Let’s meet again next year on February 7 - 8 for Nepal Owl Festival 2020!