Spotted Linsang 'spotted' in ACAP

Spotted linsang (Prinodon pardicolor) has been camera-trapped for the first time in Nepal by FON's research team at the borders of Kaski and Lamjung districts. This might be the first photographic record of the species in its natural habitat in Nepal after Brian Hodgson recorded it in 1874. The research team had placed 53 camera-traps out of which 2 were successful in capturing the elusive civet.

The team was led by Yadav Ghimirey, director of wildlife research at FON, and consisted Kaushal Yadav, Jeevan Rai, Raj Prasai, Prabal Rana and Raju Acharya. They were assisted by 9 locals as well.

News article (in Nepali)