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We are not accepting applications anymore

Opportunity for Poster Presentation at NEPAL OWL FESTIVAL 2019

(1-2 February, Jalapa, Khotang)


Researchers/Conservationists interested to present their research/conservation work in the upcoming 'Nepal Owl Festival 2019' can prepare a poster about their work and present during this annual conservation event. Interested candidates must abide by the following guidelines for preparing and submitting their posters.

ELIGIBILITY: People who have completed their thesis, research field work, submitted mid-term progress report (in case of Rufford small grants) and who are in the final stages of their research work.

SUBJECT MATTER: Wildlife research and conservation (no geographical limitations)

Title (in both English and Nepali for candidates from Nepal. Not mandatory for candidates outside of Nepal);

Summary (should not exceed 150 words. It should also be in both English and Nepali for Nepali candidates. Not mandatory for candidates outside of Nepal);

Introduction/Background, Methodology, Results, and Conclusion (should be in English or Nepali)

TEXT, FIGURES AND PHOTOS: Text should be readable from a distance of 5 feet. Text of titles and subtitles should be in bold.

SIZE: Standard A0 in flex print

DISPLAY AREA: Nepal Owl Festival 2019 organising committee will provide a separate space within the festival venue for poster presentation.

DEADLINE: Title and summary of presentation along with the name of the presenter and their phone number should be emailed to us at naturesfren@yahoo.com by December 30, 2018. We will let you know about the acceptance of your poster individually.

Cost of food (accomodation is almost free) should be borne by the presenter. However, cost of transportation will be provided in lump sum basis (NPR 4000/presenter). A certificate of appreciation will be provided to presenter during the festival.