Wildlife Research Techniques Training Details
  Owl festival 2014 Details
  Wolf and Snow Leopard Study in Humla Details
  Participation-Borneo Carnivore Symposium at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia Details
  Congratulation Raju_World Owl Hall of Fame Award Details
  First Camera Trap Image-Asiatic Golden Cat..Details
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Current projects
  Green Schools in Nepal
  Study on Local perceptions about owls in Nepal
  Documentation of Hunting and Trade of Key Wildlife Species

Efforts to know and conserve birds


There is no exception that fascinates to birds and for those, Nepal is a destination.We, Friends of Nature make some efforts to know and conserve the BIRDS.  see more…......
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  Green School Project
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  Download dissertations/Reports
  Download field experience from researcher while doing camera trap..........

Announcement: Wildlife Training Opportunity for Young Graduates in Nepal



Wildlife Research Techniques Training 2014
Humla Research Team
Owl Festival 2014
Wildlife Research Techniques Training Dec-2012
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